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From the Buzzing Metropolises to the Zen-filled Rice Paddies and Tea Plantations of the South East, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace, and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travellers for centuries.
We have been lucky enough to have visited a small part of this continent and it has ever since left us fascinated.

Templo Yakchunsa

Jeju Island – A day in paradise

Day 1 in Jeju Island Jeju Island – one of the various destinations of our honeymoon onboard a cruise by Celebrity which visited China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong and one of those stops in South Korea was the beautiful island of Jeju, popularly known as the “Asian Hawaii”. We only had a few hours to spend on this island, so we booked a...

Templo Gyeongbokgung

Seoul in 1 day

Our visit to this city in South Korea was not purposely short. For our honeymoon, we did a cruise through China, South Korea, Jeju Island, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and we only had a few hours to spend in Seoul.Despite having lived through a what can best be described as a “religious experience” with our guide, we ended up seeing a lot of the city...

Cuidad Prohibida

Fall in Love with Beijing in 2 days

Day 1 in Beijing – Visiting the city The Celebrity Millennium cruise ship arrived at Tianjin, a city which is widely known as “the Port of Beijing” despite being located about 2 hours away by car. We were going to be docked in Tianjin for 3 full days, so we had various options to choose from. Either stay on the cruise and visit Tianjin and/or Beijing on our own...

Shanghai Cover

Discover Shanghai in 3 days

This destination was the start of our Honeymoon. Josh really wanted to visit Asia, and I agreed, but only if we visited on a Cruise. Our trip lasted just under a month, and we visited: China, South Korea, Jeju Island, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.China has been the country with the biggest cultural difference that we have ever had the pleasure of visiting, and when...

Luces supertrees singapur

2 days living Singapore

This was the start of our second honeymoon and a 20-day, 7-country trip. By the time we arrived at Singapore, 26 hours had gone by since we left home, despite the direct flight; however, we couldn’t spend a single second at the hotel resting and knowing that we were in this wonderful city. This country has stringent laws that may seem odd to us, so before you...

Suwa Shrine

Visit Nagasaki in 1 day

This was one of the stops during our honeymoon and Japan surprised us for many reasons, but above all, because of how different they are from the rest of their Asian neighbours. The tour that was available on the cruise didn’t convince us, so we decided to organise our own route and visit everything we wanted to see freely.The places we wanted to visit were...

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